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Rotational Twitter accounts are very much the en-vogue thing in this modern social media world and so RotaryBlogger.co.uk decided to see if the site could facilitate an account associated with Rotary. Let’s be honest, it’s practically akin to a 2015 version of the way in which Rotary International was started over a hundred years ago.

And so @RotaryVoices was opened on the Twittersphere on 2nd August 2015 with James Martin, creator of RotaryBlogger.co.uk as its first ‘voice’.

So what is a rotational twitter account?

Well, it is basically what it says on the tin – it is an account that rotates amongst Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and maybe even Rotakids (with parental permission) every week.

Each new account holder is able to tweet about anything they like – but in particular about Rotary and what it is achieving in their specific part of the world. They hold the account for exactly seven days before passing it over to their successor.

Tweets about the good, the bad and the ugly of Rotary – but keeping generally in line with Rotary International’s big USP of having no religion or politics.

RotaryVoicesjpgDuring the course of that week – the incumbent Tweeter looks to locate their successor to hand over on the following Sunday evening. So a new @RotaryVoice every week…a fresh new voice from anywhere around the world every seven days.

Apart from being a really fun way of making new Rotary friends around the world, it is hoped that other non-Rotary family audiences on Twitter will quickly come to the conclusion that Rotary is not fully of grey-haired, affluent, business leaders who do lunch in hotels and wear luminous tabards at community events. But they’ll see that Rotarians are extraordinary diverse people from all walks of life doing extraordinary things in communities both home and aboard.

You can find a list of past @RotaryVoices by clicking on this link and scrolling back.

If you are interested in become a Rotary Voice then you can drop an email to RotaryBlogger by visiting the Contact Us page on the site.

Please note that views expressed are individual to the respective ‘Rotary Voice’ and do not necessarily reflect the views of RotaryBlogger.co.uk nor the organisation and also that @RotaryVoices has no connection with Rotary International’s ‘Rotary Voices’ blog.


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