@RotaryVoices – a new initiative


There will be new @RotaryVoices every weekend, the question is – could it be you?

Ever heard of a ‘Rotational Twitter Account’?

Well if not, don’t worry – by the end of this post you’ll know exactly what it is – but more importantly you’ll know of @RotaryVoices the new initiative by RotaryBlogger.co.uk that will get Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and RotaKids all around the world talking and making new friends. And all through the power of social media.

You can find @RotaryVoice by clicking on any of the links on this post – but you will also be able to view the account by typing twitter.com/rotaryvoices into your browser.

The @RotaryVoices twitter account will basically rotate around individuals all across the world on a weekly basis starting every week on a Sunday at 18:00 GMT (currently GMT+1 for British Summer Time). The weekly account holder will be able to introduce their followers to where they live; their local community and their interests in addition to all of their Rotary tweets as well.

It is hoped that the @RotaryVoices account will attract many, many tweeters from around the world who will not only get to learn about places and cultures and Rotary around the world – but will in fact make new friends too, both on and off-line.

Each week you will also be able to read about the incumbent tweeter by visiting rotaryvoices.wordpress.com and viewing their short biog.

It will be the responsibility of the current RotaryVoice to find their successor for the following week – so this makes it really exciting – as nobody has any idea who will be coming next other than the person selecting their successor. So this means that once @RotaryBlogger has handed the account over to the next person – it is gone forever out there into the world of the social media Rotary family…

Oh and you don’t have to be on Twitter to view the account, but of course if you’ll not only be able to interact with the various  – but you could in fact become the voice for a week yourself.

Go on – take part…click on www.twitter.com/rotaryvoices and start to follow what could be one of the most interesting Rotary-related twitter accounts ever!

2 thoughts on “@RotaryVoices – a new initiative

  1. says:

    How does this ‘new initiative’ fit in with Rotary Voices – i.e. the RI blog at which we just happen to have as a permanent feature on our district website? This changes regularly as contributions are made from around the world and is conveniently catalogued into various categories. Not many contributions from the UK, but that is our loss.

    1. No link at all Liz Yardley – the use of the word ‘voices’ is a regular choice of selection of these ‘rotational’ twitter accounts, i.e. countryvoices, citizensvoices, indyvoices, teenvoices etc. Therefore on the basis no-one had ‘registered’ @RotaryVoices it seemed like the most sensible one to choose. Hope that explains everything to you – and that you will pick up on the account as it could be very interesting to get to know our Social Media family from around the world.

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