Rotary Week 2015 #3 – Would you join today?

So in the third of RotaryBlogger’s five short blogs over the course of Rotary Week readers are asked the question – would you join your Rotary Club today if you were asked knowing what you know now?

Everyone knows that most Rotarians became members of their Club because someone asked them to join.

And of those who joined, some had maybe attended a few meetings as a guest or possibly even been a speaker before they paid their subscription and became a fully fledged member of Rotary International.

Overall, most Rotarians start to learn about Rotary when the actually become members once they are inducted, attend meetings and events and perhaps become an office bearer in their Club over time. So it could be argued that new recruits effectively join a club with practically no insight into the organisation they are joining whatsoever.

But, let’s just spin that statement around a little.


Give some thought to whether you would join your Rotary Club today?

If you knew then what you knew now – would you still join your own Club?

What made you want to become a Rotarian and to join a particular Club? What drew you into the organisation? What has kept you in it?

Is your Club still fulfilling what it offered when you first joined? Has it exceeded your expectations and do you still take the same enjoyment from it as you did when you first joined? Perhaps you get more out it now than you did back then.

As we see an increasing number of existing Regular Rots signing up to eRotary Clubs, it has to be questioned whether the important aspect to eClub members is simply that of remaining engaged in Rotary International and doing ‘service’ and less so about the actual Club experience.

Either way it’s an interesting concept to ponder when you’ve nothing much better to do.

See what conclusion you would come to if you asked yourself the question – would you join your own Rotary Club today? You may find your answer enlightening.

Image by Jacob Bøtter by CC

3 thoughts on “Rotary Week 2015 #3 – Would you join today?

  1. Sue Wilson says:

    YES! I would join my Club! I have made some fantastic new friends! I have an umbrella organisation to help me take forward my charity based ideas and to help me do things in my local community! I am keen,when telling people that I am in Rotary,to always explain it’s not an ‘ ordinary’ Rotary Club,however! We are not set in our ways,we don’t have lunch every week! We have a well attended dinner every month with a speaker and input from the Club officers and I between we communicate by email and Facebook! We have a ‘ Drinks’ meeting once a month too where we catch up and sometimes do other interesting social things! We have fun!

  2. A Big Yes.
    – as a personal statement, many of the challenges I have faced over the past few years… I wouldn’t have cooed without the support from many of my club, district and at RIBI level who had confidence in me.
    – my return to them is to remain positive and to inspire others.

    I will continue to strive to keep Rotary enjoyable & something which others will aspire to join and give Service back

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