Don’t knock annoying marketing campaigns

There are various techniques in getting your marketing campaign right inside the head of your buyer or consumer.

1619600_10152706009311944_4014667397360179923_nOne of these is to create a really annoying and repetitive campaign which seems to be there every time one of your customers turns their head. And there are many examples where characters, songs and catch phrases have achieved exactly this. Much as we’d like to we can’t forget such ads as the ‘Go Compare’ opera singer; the Meerkats telling you that using their comparison site is ‘simples’ or the staff of the Halifax singing and dancing to tell you about their products. Regardless of how annoying these ads are, they have all worked.

So is this a technique that Rotary could use to good effect? Well…don’t you know, they already do!

The campaign I refer to is the Rotary World’s Greatest Meal. If you are a follower of anything Rotary on the usual social media sites you would need to be checking your pages with your eyes closed to not have seen some mention of the World’s Greatest Meal.

The brainchild brought two Rotarians from completely opposite sides of the world together who wanted to do something to eradicate polio with events focussed around “food, fun and fundraising”.

The website explains that to take part in the World’s Greatest Meal all a Rotary Club has to do is “arrange an event, enjoy, have fun, take pictures, raise funds and send them to The Rotary Foundation’s End Polio Now program.”

It’s as simples as that!

However, unintentionally, Mukesh Malhorta from the Rotary Club of Hounslow in England and Susanne Rea from the Cairns Sunrise in Australia may have created the most annoying and irritating initiative in history of Rotary International as many will no doubt testify to if they happen to be friends in any of their social networks.

Look at your social media pages at quite literally any time of the day or night and you are sure to see some mention of the World’s Greatest Meal. So, how do they achieve this?

Well Susanne has 2,020 friends on Facebook while Mukesh only slightly trumps her with 2,361 followers. So every time they want to post about this great food and fellowship initiative, they are effective co-posting to not much short of 5,000 people between them.

Even if only 10% of those people engage with their posts – that results in around 500 people picking up a post every time – and if only 10% of them then repost it again the viral campaign is created yet again. And while this is happening our World’s Greatest Meal two-some are probably already plotting their next posting scheduled within the next few hours. That’s how they’ve made the campaign so successful.

Now before we all knock the relentless publicity and marketing choices of those promoting the initiative, we have to go back to source to assess whether the campaign has been effectively. And the answer to this is a clear and resounding yes!


Wanted: Susanne Rae and Mukesh Malhotra responsible for the relentless and never ending World’s Greatest Meal social media campaign

A quick look at the home page of will tell you that this annoying campaign sits a mere $123,000 off their $1,000,000 fundraising target. An amazing achievement for an initiative that is still frankly in its embryonic developments.

I believe that many have already hidden the never-ending posts coming in from World’s Greatest Meal – so the penetration may not be the full 5,000 mentioned above.

However, regardless as to the number of those deliberately ignoring these posts it is clear that our two social-media meerkats are still getting their message through – and I would defy any Rotarian on social media not to know about Rotary’s World’s Greatest Meal.

The funds they have raised to date will buy many, many vaccinations for children in the final countries where the dreadful disease that is polio still exists. So they should be extremely proud of what they have achieved and I am sure will continue to achieve as the initiative builds and grows.

RotaryBlogger has published a previous blog that cautioned those involved in initiatives like this of turning people off with the over-posting and hijacking other non-related Facebook threads – but it seems in the case of this permanently posting pair it doesn’t seem to matter.

If the greatest meal website is anything to go by, then I am positive that this modest duo will simply sit in the background and take no credit for what they have achieved – letting the many clubs and Rotarians around the world who have been involved in an event take all of the spotlight.

So as we head towards World Polio Day on 24th October – let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Susanne, Mukesh and all those others who have been involved in getting this initiative to where it is today are able to reach their $1,000,000 target around this time.

In the meantime, I have contacted Mark Zuckerberg apologising on behalf of Rotary International for the undoubted upsurge in posts from Messrs Malhotra and Rea and suggesting that he may want to increase his server capacity over the next four weeks. You may want to man the barricades of your Facebook pages…don’t say you haven’t been warned!



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4 thoughts on “Don’t knock annoying marketing campaigns

  1. says:

    Light hearted but serious our Campaign hopes to help End Polio by addressing the Funding Gap! You talk of Mukesh and I but we have a loyal Team from all continents working locally and in our Main Group…so maybe no escape! Lets get real this is the tip of the iceberg and we have a long way to go….$5 million the next Target…

    1. says:

      Thank you Guy, as a valued member of our WGM Team, your input is valued and great events from South West England too….the Rotary TV For WGM will leave a lasting impression. I hear the next Programme will have even more content too. Thus WGM is definitely multimedia.

  2. Hi James….

    Could you update the article to mention that:
    – we have now crossed the $1 Million Dollar mark
    – also to put the YouTube Link to the video which was sponsored by RIBI

    Many thanks in advance


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