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Rotary International operates all around the globe and is one of the world’s largest non-political and non-religious organisations raising funds and offering humanitarian support and assistance to many thousands of projects – but always where it is needed most.

“We are 1.2 million neighbors, friends, [sic] and community leaders who come together to create positive, lasting change in our communities and around the world.” (Source: rotary.org)

This quote is lifted directly from the opening home page of Rotary International’s website – and there’s few who know what Rotary is that would argue with the sentiment of the statement. But what of those who despite it’s 100 year old history still know very little about Rotary International.

I have been a Rotarian since around 2005 and this blog has been set up out of both my love and my frustrations for one of the best organisations in the world.

Weblogs are the modern day parchments and quills, and through the pages and posts of this one, I hope to be able to speak openly, honestly but above all constructively about an organisation that needs to redevelop, modernise and revitalise much faster than some people think.

Much of what I will say will relate to the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland as this is the territory within which I am based.  However, where necessary I will give as much of an international flavour where I am able to.

Supporting this, I hope to have guest writers on RotaryBlogger who will often have differing opinions than my own or even that of the majority of the blog readership. But regardless I hope some positive discussions will take place involving those who are already in the organisation but also with those who aren’t.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts that are uploaded to RotaryBlogger as well as to share any of the stories, comments, views or opinions with your other online friends and acquaintances. But other than that, sit back, enjoy the show and feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions of topics that you may wish RotaryBlogger to pick up on.

You can contact RotaryBlogger simply by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button which floats at the right-hand side of every page or post on the site.

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